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    Disney Creates 'USA Tourism' Video

    Millions of people will see Disney's latest family-friendly film after it premiers Monday night in Washington, D.C., but it will never bust box-office records.
    That's because Disney's seven-minute, feel-good Welcome: Portraits of America will play for foreign visitors to the USA as they wait for visa processing at consular offices around the globe or in the foreign-flight arrival areas of U.S. airports.
    The purpose: to counteract the image abroad of post-9/11 America as hostile for foreign visitors. Some 43 million foreigners apply for a U.S. visa or go through customs each year.
    Disney, long active in lobbying efforts for more welcoming treatment of foreign visitors, made the film at no cost to the government. Like others in the U.S. tourism industry, Disney has expressed concern about the USA's declining share of international travelers.
    To see a speech by Jay Rasulo and view the exclusive video, go here:

    Article Source: USA Today

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    Re: Disney Creates 'USA Tourism' Video

    That is really cool. I think using the IllumiNations music is a great choice, since its so dramatic and all about international unity anyway. I do wonder what people might think as they watch IllumiNations and realize they already heard this music, although in a different order.
    Still, very cool video, its also availible on

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    Re: Disney Creates 'USA Tourism' Video

    This is a cool video, thanks for the link, I like that they have paid a little tribute to Illuminations by using the music within it.

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    Re: Disney Creates 'USA Tourism' Video

    I can be a sucker for shameless American propaganda. I loved that!

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    Re: Disney Creates 'USA Tourism' Video

    Love the fact they filmed Niagara Falls from the Canadian side, and showed the Canadian falls....
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