The Anaheim City Council tonight voted 4-1 to place the S.O.A.R. submitted initiative directly on the June 3rd, 2008 ballot (Council-member Galloway voted against). The Initiative basically would require the current Resort Zoned area to remain zoned for Commercial and Tourism uses, and would require a vote of the citizens to approve any other use (such as residential housing).

During the Public Comment period, many Affordable Housing advocates came up and asked the council to not decide on a date and place on the ballot, but instead first fund a study of the measures impact.

One of the later speakers was Diane Singer, the person who leads the CDPA (SunCal backed) group, she basically asked for the Initiative to be placed on the ballot.

So now there are 2 measures that the Anaheim registered voters will have to vote on on June 3rd, 2008.

As for what SunCal plans to do, it is unclear. Will they attempt to gather signatures for a third measure, that has been called the "AVE" measure.

And how much money will SunCal donate to CDPA to help pay for campaigning against the 2 SOAR measures.