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    Dances with Wolves Sequel Coming.


    Movie News
    Director Pegged for WOLVES Sequel

    By: Jarrod Sarafin, News Editor
    Source: Variety
    Date: Thursday, November 1, 2007

    The sequel to DANCES WITH WOLVES is moving forward with Simon Wincer hopping on board as a director, says Variety. This film will based off author Michael Blake's 2002 sequel, THE HOLY ROAD, published by Random House. Blake is once again handling the screenplay adaptation of his novel just as he did for the original Oscar-winning 1990 film. Wincer already has western genre credits in his resume, having directed the Spielberg-produced Into the West mini-series and also directing the original Lonesome Dove mini-series.
    Plot Concept: Story picks up 11 years after "Wolves" as the Comanche tribe is in steady decline and the threat of white settlers looms. The title "Holy Road" refers to the transcontinental railroad, which is a symbol of the clash of civilizations.

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    Re: Dances with Wolves Sequel Coming.

    One of my all time favorite movies! Did they mention if any original cast will be in it (Kevin Costner, Mary McDonnell, Graham Greene, Rodney Grant (Love him!))?

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    Re: Dances with Wolves Sequel Coming.

    Didn't Costner direct the first one? I'd assume if he was going to be in it, he would also be directing.

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    well thats none of your buisness

    Re: Dances with Wolves Sequel Coming.

    awsome!!! I loved that movie!!

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