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    Half of screens worldwide to be digital by 2013

    Half of screens to be digital by 2013

    3-D driving switchover

    By Archie Thomas
    November 12, 2007

    LONDON — Half of worldwide screens will be digital by 2013, according to a report by cinema analysts Dodona Research.

    This year has seen an explosion in digital conversion with 4,627 screens, 5% of the global total, switched to digital up to September.

    Penetration is deepest in the U.S., home to 78% of the world’s digital screens. The U.K. and South Korea boast the second and third most digital screens.

    Other advanced Euro digital cinema territories are Luxembourg and Belgium, where aggressive conversion led by forward thinking exhib circuits Utopia and Kinepolis, respectively, means almost 50% of both small markets are digital.

    Report predicts upcoming slew of high-profile 3-D releases will increase exhib’s appetite for digital conversion.

    Dodona points to the example of the Odeon UCI circuit, which has announced its intention to install 500 3-D systems, despite having fewer than 100 screens converted to digital at present.

    Recent widespread adoption has been facilitated by the emergence of third party integrators willing to cover the large conversion costs, says the Dodona report.

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    Re: Half of screens worldwide to be digital by 2013

    I can't wait. The main theater where I used to live in Destin, FL switched to all digital before I left and it was amazing watching a movie there. Now where I live we only have one screen in the entire town in digital. Its such a drag not watching in digital after you've gotten used to it. Its an even bigger difference than going from Hi-Def tv to standard resolution.

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    Talking Re: Half of screens worldwide to be digital by 2013

    I agree! I went to watch a film at a theatre closer to home that I thought was all digital. Wow! Was I disappointed. I enjoyed the movie, to be sure. But, as was just noted before, I just got too used to the quality of digital presentations for me to be "distracted" by all the scratches and lack of crispness to the film. Digital is here to stay and the difference will be noticed by the public-at-large. Love the format!

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    Re: Half of screens worldwide to be digital by 2013

    They should have ALL been digital by now.

    I remember seeing The Phantom Menace in Digital and it was absolutely mind-blowing. Made that movie SO much better. That was how many years ago?

    And people wonder with the advent of Blu-Ray and HD-DVD why so many people are just waiting for the DVD's. When you can get an "as good as" or even "Better" experience at your home, for less $$ why wouldn't you?

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