Article from AFP available at - 7/21/05
HK Disneyland prepares for September opening
HONG KONG: When Disney's newest theme park opens in Hong Kong in just over 50 days time, green hats will be banished, clocks will be kept to a minimum and fried rice rather than hot dogs will top the menu.

The US$1.8bil park, which opens on Sept 12, has been designed with advice from Chinese geomancers or feng shui masters to blend Hollywood with Chinese sensibilities.

“Any man wearing a green hat means their partner is having an affair,” said merchandise director Phyllis Wong, explaining why the items will not be stocked in souvenir shops on site. The gift of a clock in Chinese is linked to a funeral and is deemed to be bad lack, she added.

The orientation of restaurants and positioning of the fountains have all been specially calculated by the feng shui experts.

To cater for Asians' love of petite souvenirs, many items of merchandise have been shrunk. To address the Asian love of fashion, clothing in souvenir stalls will be changed far more often than in other Disney parks.