21+ Screenings" - Enjoy your movie while sipping your favorite cocktail...
ArcLight is the first movie theater in California licensed to allow alcoholic beverages in its auditoriums. Our guests can enjoy a glass of wine, martini, or other favorite drink in one of our special 21+ screenings; and we've scheduled them for the movies you want to see.

Admission is restricted to guests age 21 and over. If you decide to join us, when you check in at the hostess desk at the upstairs Balcony Bar, you will be asked to provide legal proof of age and will receive admission identification.

These are special screenings of the featured film, usually Friday thru Sunday evenings .

Remember, admission is for those age 21 and over only. There are other regular screenings of the featured movie on sale through our website, automated phone system, and at the theater. Tickets for these special "21+" screenings are available only on our website and at the box office; they are not available over the phone
Wedding Crashers (21+ Screenings) R for sexual content/nudity and language
Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn, Rachel McAdams, Will Ferrell, Christopher Walken
Director: David Dobkin
Start date: 7/22/2005
Running Time: 1 hr., 59 min.

7:55 PM 10:25 PM