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    Gyro Gearloose Vs Ludwig Von Drake

    Out of curiousity i was wondering who do you consider the bigger genius Ludwig Von Drake (disneyland on abc, wonderful world of disney + various shorts) or Gyro Gearloose (Duck Tales).
    Personally i think that Ludwig Von Drake is the bigger genius since his creations are less prone to malfunction.
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    Re: Gyro Gearloose Vs Ludwig Von Drake

    Gyro Gearloose is an inventor. Ludwig Von Drake is more of a scientist. And a bit of a loony.

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    Re: Gyro Gearloose Vs Ludwig Von Drake

    According to, Ludwig Von Drake comes from Vienna, Austria. Very nice, I didn't know that. Is he a very popular character, because I have seen him on TV only once or twice. Sometimes he appeared in some Disney Comics.

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    Re: Gyro Gearloose Vs Ludwig Von Drake

    Ludwig von Drake was on ABC's Wonderful World of Disney when I was a kid, so he's more of a sentimental favorite. Add to that his kooky personality and wonderful accent and I was an immediate fan. Coheteboy is right in that Ludwig was used to explain things from a comical scientific perspective. Gyro just invented things that never seemed to work as planned.

    Also, Gyro didn't appear with too much regularity on Duck Tales, and when he did, I wasn't too impressed with him. Not nearly as much fun as I remember LvD to be.
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    Re: Gyro Gearloose Vs Ludwig Von Drake

    I'd consider Ludwig to be more of a teacher kind of genius and Gyro to be more of an inventor kind of genius. Both had a lot of brains. Granted, Gyro's ideas might not always work, but he always had ideas and ways to try to build things when Scrooge needed them. Ludwig was very much a knowledge brain and knew the answers to questions and how to teach others.

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