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    Back up on the big silverscreen

    I think about this a lot when watching "epic" films. I was just watching Raiders of the Lost Ark last night, for the 1,000th. time (probably), I still remember going and seeing it on the "big silverscreen" back when it came out in June 1981.
    And what I keep wondering is... will I ever get that magic back of seeing some of these films on screen that is like 50-60 feet across and 20-30 high again? I do thank mister George Lucas for re-releasing Star Wars back on the bog screen, 'course he could have left them as is in my humble opinion, but that's another subject. The older I get the more nostalgic I get, and I remember the days when they re-released films (before VCR/DVD mania). Heck Disney themselves released a good lot of films thoughout the 50's, 60's and 70's to the big screen.

    Am I dreaming? Are you?

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    Re: Back up on the big silverscreen

    Your best best would be to find a local theater that will show these movies.

    Personally, I would love to be able to see restorations of some of the 3-D classics to be released in Real-D theaters.

    In California, I know that El Capitan occasionally has releases of classic Disney movies.
    The Silent Movie Theater plays classics (but looks like the format has changed a bit -- silents only on Wednesday now?!).

    Summer is a good time to see classic movies on the big screen -- many theaters have a summer movie program of some sort to showcase the classics (from as recent as a year ago sometimes).

    They may not be in wide releases, so just keep your eye out for the events.

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    Re: Back up on the big silverscreen

    There are a couple theatres in the Sacramento area that do Flashback thursdays or something along that lines. Where they show older movies for only five bucks I think. So I'll go along with FrumiousBoojum and say check your local listings.

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    Re: Back up on the big silverscreen

    one of my fondest memories was getting to see The Wall on a big screen back in 1992. Up until that point i'd only seen it on video but seeing it on a big screen just brought it all together in a completely different, immersive type way.

    I know even here in podunk nowhere they sometimes have screenings of older movies, just last summer a group of us went and saw one of my fave all time movies ever, Sunset Blvd., on a big screen. i tell ya, Gloria Swanson really WAS ready for her closeup!
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    Re: Back up on the big silverscreen

    I absolutely love seeing a film on the big screen. I would especially love for Disney to do wider (not just LA and NYC, but also Atlanta) re-releases to go along with the films being shown at the El Capitan.

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