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    Radio News - My pal's got a gig on KFI

    He's got a gig doing part-time news in the overnight hours on KFI 640...pretty darned impressive no matter what the hour, since it's the top-rated English-language station in the country's number two market, and a 50-thousand watt flame-thrower heard over half the country at night.

    When I was doing sports at KNX earlier this decade, he was a weekend newsroom intern and newswriter. He made Starbucks runs on his own break time to get stuff for us. (It was his idea, prima donnas allowed in that newsroom, at least on the weekends).

    He went to Bakersfield for his first on-air job, and now he's on KFI.

    Anyway, he's a great guy - we've maintained a friendship all along - and he's on doing news this morning through 4:29 AM of now the "Coast to Coast" show is on.

    After this, I think he'll be on weekend overnights at times.

    Yeah, I'm proud of the guy.


    PS...Hear him live anywhere...
    God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

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    Re: Radio News - My pal's got a gig on KFI

    That's really good news for your friend. I am not an up in the overnight hours kind of person but if for some reason I am, I'll give it a listen.

    Happy New Year, Barry. See you at the big Mice Chat Meet later this month along with my brother.

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    Re: Radio News - My pal's got a gig on KFI

    Not necro-posting on purpose, I just found this.

    No, actually the last I heard KFI is a roughly 9KW roofer's torch with a good reach because they're still Clear-Channel - Their 760' "Big Stick" is still missing from that small plane hit 12/19/2004, and they can't load up the shorter 200' backup tower to full power.

    I'm NOT an engineer, but I can do the math:
    640KHz = 468.5M *3.2808399 = 1537.07349 feet fullwave /2 = 768.536747 feet halfwave (best effficiency) says this is "175 degrees, just under a half wavelength tall" and gets 50KW in, 53.3KW effective radiated power out.

    The backup antenna is 1537.07349 feet /8 = 192.134186' eighth-wave. Works, but not nearly optimum. says 46 degrees tall, 25KW in, 9.2KW ERP out. Big Difference.

    The Fullerton Airport people are fighting against KFI putting their main tower back up And they want KFI to shorten it to 684' which is an oddball wavelength split and will make loading it up a bear.

    And I just killed a few hours scaring up the references... Oh well.


    It's one of those "everyone knows the tower is there, you can read the map, don't hit it" things.

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