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    01-08-08 Iger's Best Destiny

    Could Breaking Up the AMPTP Be Bob Igerís Best Destiny?

    Itís been reported that Disney CEO Bob Iger, on behalf of the AMPTP, has opened contract talks with the Directors Guild of America, even as the AMPTP refuses to talk to the striking Writerís Guild. Is it really in Disneyís best interest for its CEO to be negotiating on behalf of seven other studio heads instead of the Mouseís shareholders?

    Read the full story here >>

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    Re: 01-08-08 Iger's Best Destiny

    Great article Chuck. And I TOTALLY agree.

    I think it would be in the best interest of not just Disney, but all of the studios to negotiate seperate from the AMPTP.

    I definately think the studios have more to lose if they don't come to an agreement, and soon.

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