I went to this movie on its first afternoon of general release, kind of on a whim after hearing director Rob Reiner talk about it on a radio interview.

(I confess to being old enough that the first thing I still think of when I hear that name is "the meathead" from All In the Family.)

Yes, I thought the plot was pretty predictable after I thought about it. And I didn't read many reviews until after I saw the film. So, yes, I do like a really good schmalted milk.

But I still really liked this movie about two really different men (Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman)
and their common ground of being in a hospital room together, each with a terminal disease.

I thought they both gave fine performances, and the movie has some really hilarious lines IMHO along with the, okay, schmaltzy ending that had tears rolling down my cheeks.

I liked this movie a lot. What say the rest of you?

-- Barry

PS...rottentomatoes.com "kicks" the bucket ...


It's probably a movie that can wait until rental, but I've spent 6.50 in a lot worse ways than I did at the matinee today.