MOST people arrive back from a holiday to Disney World with great memories - but mum Nancy Jack came home with a new face.

Nancy, 39, surprised her friends and family by nipping in for cosmetic surgery while on holiday in Florida.

Instead of sharing a doughnut with Donald, she checked into Disney's Celebration Hospital and had a Mickey makeover with a chemical face peel.

Nancy, a sheltered housing officer, paid 2448 for an hour-long procedure to remove bags below her eyes and tighten her droopy eyelids.

Last night, the pretty brunette told how her fab new face is the best holiday souvenir ever.

She said: 'I'm the happiest I've ever been. I've got a whole new face and I did it Disneystyle. It has really changed my life.

'It's the best souvenir I've brought back from holiday and it was worth every penny.

' I've been to Disney World in Florida eight times but it will be this trip I will remember forever

The mum-of-three is one of a growing number of thrifty Scots who are heading to the theme park state for both a holiday and cosmetic surgery.

Nancy, of Cumbernauld, had the surgery last month while holidaying with husband James, 39, and 11-year-old daughter Holly in Orlando.

She decided to go for a Disney-style fix after researching the staggering cost of cosmetic surgery in Britain.

Nancy, who also has two sons Michael, 21, and Jamie, 19, discovered she could get the same procedure done at half the price in Disney's Florida hospital.