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    Exclamation First hand report from the Disney Annual meeting - Chuck O.

    Chuck Oberleitner over at has a new article up about the event...

    Ballroom A of the Minneapolis Convention Center was filled with 3000 chairs for the meeting's attendees. Not all of them would be needed.

    The crowd of shareholders waiting to get into the hall filled less than half of the available chairs. Later, unofficial estimates would put the size of the audience between 1,100 and 1,200 attendees.

    Before the meeting began, I spent a few panic-free minutes speaking with former Disney director, and co-leader with Roy Disney, of last year's shareholder revolt, Stanley Gold.

    I asked Gold if the portion of the Stewart book, DisneyWar, reprinted in the Los Angeles Times, quoting him saying former Disney President Frank Wells, prior to his death in 1994, had come to hate working at Disney specifically because of Michael Eisner, was accurate.

    "It's true," Gold told me. "I told him (Stewart) all of that." He went on to say, "Frank was miserable. Michael was having a horrible effect on him."

    Gold, who had read Stewart's book, recommended a portion of the book he said I would find interesting. According to Gold, Stewart confirms Eisner misled the board about the true costs of acquiring FOX Family Channel in 2001. And, he reveals a possible cover-up.

    Gold said, DisneyWar will reveal that Disney executives, in an effort to hide the true costs incurred purchasing FOX Family, refused to take a tax right-off that would have returned $400 million to shareholders.
    And there is a lot more in the full article, go check it out....
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    Eisner is just Rich trash!! He can't even get along with his own crew.
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