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    Turning 3-D into a business

    Turning 3-D into a business

    By Carolyn Giardina
    The Hollywood Reporter
    Feb 21, 2008

    RANCHO MIRAGE, Calif. -- A call for industry standards for stereoscopic 3-D, both for theatrical release and in the home, was hammered home during a 3-D presentation Wednesday at the Hollywood Post Alliance's annual Technology Retreat.

    "It's simply the lack of standards that is preventing the studios from taking content that they have in 3-D and formatting it onto a piece of plastic and having it play back in a player to a television that is 3-D capable," said Alan Bell, executive vp and chief technology officer at Paramount. "Clearly, home video in 3-D is essential to the converging business models."

    Wednesday's 3-D session explored how the format is "moving from a science project to a business." During the session, the often-cited advantages of 3-D were applauded, but speakers also identified problems and issues that must be addressed.

    Disney's "Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour, " which grossed $31.5 million in its opening weekend, was deemed an overwhelming success, and Disney president of distribution Chuck Viane encouraged the retreat audience to proceed with 3-D.

    But he emphasized the need for deployment of more 3-D systems, saying: "That we could only have 683 theaters to play 'Hannah Montana' is backward movement in our business. In order for this to succeed, we must be in the thousand-plus range."

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    Re: Turning 3-D into a business

    Well, good that they're wanting standards...

    But there's too many competing formats right now. This really is like the Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD right now -- only worse, really. We have Imax 3D, which has survived for a while due to being undisputed in the mainstream. Then for the mainstream, we have at least 3 other systems being offered -- Real-D's digital system that uses throw away glasses and a silver screen -- but expensive due to the cost of the new projector PLUS the screen --, another system (can't remember the company at the moment) that might appeal more since it works on screens they already have -- but increases labour between showings due to the washing of reusable glasses (so somewhat similar to what Imax already does) --, and then there's probably the best solution: Dolby's system that's based on Real-D's, but uses disposable glasses and the screens they already have.

    Dolby's system would probably be a lot more preferable to many theaters, especially the lower-end first run theaters -- a new projector and the material for each movie would basically be all they need. Appealing sense many theaters may not fully understand why a silver screen is needed for projection and reject it due to having a screen that's good enough.

    Of course, there's always a problem in that, too -- many theaters are very unwilling to even go digital. Not even all AMCs are completely digital yet. So there's still a problem with digital projection period.

    So, it's good that they want standards, but they don't even have a definite standard in 2-D movie projection... it's not going to be a quick process at all.

    For home viewing, it's probably not going to really catch on until autostereoscopic televisions improve in technology and come down in price.

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