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    Pixar profits down, WDC profits up- partnership inevitable?????

    With Pixars reported earnings down last quarter, and WDC performing about expectations, what do you think this will mean for negotiations between the two? Perhaps continuing an alliance with the mouse will start looking better and better.....

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    Re: Pixar profits down, WDC profits up- partnership inevitable?????

    Well, both Iger and Jobs said they are in talks. Also, Jobs said that he really likes Iger and Cook, so who knows. But how come when Disney does something good, their stock goes down, but now that Pixars results are really bad, their stock goes up a lot?

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    Re: Pixar profits down, WDC profits up- partnership inevitable?????

    Because Pixar is still kinda shiny and new and Pixar hasn't made any massive mistakes (not to insult the company, but people are just a bit more jaded. That's what comes with establishment). People still trust it and will still buy. Disney stock is one of those steady ones that you expect to just weather anything the market throws at it. At least that's the way I see it.

    I'm also confident that Iger and Jobs will renew working conditions. It seems like whether you like Eisner or not, he had a very "My way or the highway" type personality. He pissed a lot of people in the industry off and from all I've seen, Iger has been trying to mend fences. And the Pixar theory works on him too. He's shiny and new (sort of). Fresh blood always opens more doors in the beginning. Let's just wait and see how he uses them.
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