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    Judge dismisses lawsuit against Disney over Segway usage.

    A federal judge in Florida has thrown out a lawsuit brought on by 3 disabled individuals against Disney World and thier policy of not allowing Segways in the parks.

    The plaintiffs filed suit against Disney last year saying that Disney was violating the Americans with Disabilities Act. None of the 3 are able to walk (one has lost a foot in a accident, one has Multiple sclerosis, and the last one has Lou Gehrig's Disease) and claimed that Segways are the only way they could get around the parks.

    When questioned about thier visit to Disney World though, they admitted that none of them had been nor had any plans to visit the parks.

    U.S. District Judge Gregory A. Presnell agreed with Disney last Friday, saying that besides the fact that the plaintiffs had not, nor were going to visit the parks, Segways may be a potential safety hazard to others in the often crowded parks.

    For more on this, please go to,7362164.story
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    Re: Judge dismisses lawsuit against Disney over Segway usage.

    This is almost as good as the lawsuit when a lady sued Disney and said she got hit with a brick from Cinderella's Castle. The case was dismissed when Disney brought forth the plans and showed that the castle is actually made from Fiber glass.... ridiculous.

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