Theft on the Superman Returns Set
Source: The Daily Telegraph August 3, 2005

The Daily Telegraph reports that crew's walkie talkies were stolen from the Superman Returns set, forcing filming to be halted:

Pranksters caused chaos during a stunt sequence, being filmed in Martin Place last week, by shouting "cut" and "action" over the airwaves, writes Michael Bodey.

It's believed the thieves with the walkie talkies listened in to much of the night's filming to learn key phrases which they later yelled at key moments.

Unfortunately, the mischief almost caused serious injury, with the night's filming centering on a Mustang car jumping down steps and landing between extras. It stopped dangerously a number of times.

A duty officer at The Rocks police station said no robbery or disturbance had been reported by the crew "although that film's got so much money, a couple of missing walkie talkies wouldn't worry them."

Bryan Singer's Superman Returns, starring Brandon Routh, Kevin Spacey and Kate Bosworth, continues to film around Sydney and at Fox Studios.