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    Anyone read Utopia by Lincoln Child?

    I started reading Utopia by Lincoln Child. It's a suspence novel that takes place in a new high tech theme park called Utopia set in present time. It's main story is about a theme park that has been open and running smoothly for 6 months untill rides and attractions start to malfunction, injuring crew members and guests. I started reading it around the same time the california screamin collision happend and it was kinda freaky.

    so far I'm about a third into the book, so if anyone who has read it don't ruin the ending. so far the book has been purdy good. I would recomend it to anyone who is interested in the backstage/interworkings of a theme park (just about all of the mice chatters), since most of this fiction book take place backstage. there are also a lot of similarities with "Utopia" and Disney parks, and even a few Disney refrences. Check it out.

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    Re: Anyone read Utopia by Lincoln Child?

    Thanks, I will have to check this one out, the is an interesting subject.
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