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    Paul Pressler brings Disney Magic to GAP Breakrooms

    I'm a Walt Disney World College Program alumni. Before working in entertainment at Walt Disney World this past spring, I worked at Old Navy for about 3 years and am now working for GAP.

    Since Paul Pressler’s arrival as CEO of Gap Inc., I’ve noticed some changes within the company that truly reflect the Disney way of business. There have been new training videos, remarkably similar to the WDW training video “Traditions” as well as more group-based training exercises. But possibly the most noticeable change, at least for employees, is the remodeling of all GAP stores that is now just beginning in the San Francisco Bay Area. Before employee break-rooms were located in tiny, cramped, and dark stock or shipment rooms. With the remodeling of the stores, employees will experience a new break-room complete with leather couches, TV, and real lighting—separated from any stock or shipment room. These new break-rooms are quite similar to those I used this past spring at WDW. Overall, the new stores are quite hip, with a design and layout much like the Apple Store.

    I’ve met Pressler, and he’s a pretty nice guy—seemed very down to earth and excited about all the new developments at Gap. Although he may not have been a monumentally positive force of change at Disney, he seems to be making some fantastic changes at the GAP—possibly inspired by those Disney workplace principles that have been around for years.
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    Re: Paul Pressler brings Disney Magic to GAP Breakrooms

    I agree, he's very good at retail since he was in charge when I was at the Disney Store! He just sucks at theme parks, he tried to make Disneyland a giant retailer and ignore the attractions...he was fun to work for he just doesn't get that Disneyland is all about the magic, not t-shirts folded perfectly! No dis on the Gap, I still wear all their clothes!

    P.S. He hangs out in my neighborhood quite a bit and has even come in to my work looking for product! It's nice not having to be nervous around him anymore and realize he's a pretty nice guy!
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    Re: Paul Pressler brings Disney Magic to GAP Breakrooms

    That's awesome to hear about the break rooms. I was a Gap Outlet employee for a few years and I hated taking my break in the store. i almost always left and went out to my car or something. Not only did the space suck, since it was just a folding table in the stock room, but it wasn't condusive to getting stock work done. The break space took up valuable real estate which could have been helpful to the stock team for one thing. Also, it was a constant battle to keep many of the stock team "on task" because of the distraction created by employees who were "on break" and tempted to converse.

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