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    Enchanted DVD Easter Eggs

    The ads for "Enchanted" make it sound like the Blu-Ray disc is the only one with the feature that highlights the hidden Disney References used in the movie. The Blu Ray disc may do it while the movie is playing, but the regular DVD has a couple of Easter Eggs, the second being the Disney References used in the movie. Here is the way to find them both:

    Buena Vista Home Entertainment

    On Disney Home Videoís family movie 'Enchanted' the studio has also included some hidden features for you to uncover.

    From the DVDís Main Menu go to the 'Bonus Features' section. Once there highlight the menu entry for the 'Fantasy Comes To Life' and then use your directional keys to highlight the music symbol next to the entry. Then press the 'Enter' key on your remote control and you will get to watch the music video 'Ever Ever After' by Carrie Underwood.

    Now highlight the Mickey Mouse symbol that is underneath the 'More' menu option in the 'Bonus Features' section. If you press 'Enter' now you will be treated to a clip of producer Barry Josephson talking about the all the classic Disney Fairytales that 'Enchanted' uses references from.
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    Re: Enchanted DVD Easter Eggs

    Cool! Thanks! I'll have to give it a try when the 'Easter Bunny' brings it to me.
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    Re: Enchanted DVD Easter Eggs

    I found the easter eggs (along with most of the DVD features) to be lacking.
    I've seen the music video so that was no big
    And the second one was just a big ad telling you to buy the Blu-Ray edition. It shows like two scenes and then explains that all the good features are on Blu-ray. Lame!

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    Re: Enchanted DVD Easter Eggs

    ^ I thought it was pretty lame as well. I mean, obviously Disney wants people to switch to Blu-Ray, and that's fine but this seems like a crappy way to go about it.

    They should have offered a 2-disc higher cost edition to get all of the features instead of making people go out and buy a $400 Blu-Ray DVD player in order to do so.

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    Re: Enchanted DVD Easter Eggs

    I just bought a new 800-watt home theatre system last year. I'm not plunking for $400 for a blu-ray player. Drop the price by a couple hundred and maybe I'll consider it in 5 years.

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