Dreamworks Animation Slate Preview - Dark Horizons, 08/09/2005

Article from Dark Horizons.com, 08/09/2005
Dreamworks Animation Slate Preview

DreamWorks Animation head honcho Jeffrey Katzenberg has a lot to be smiling about these days. Madagascar has reaped over $400m in worldwide box office receipts, and now it seems, that division of the studio is on a roll.

A group of journalists, including our LA correspondent Paul Fischer, was recently invited to check out some upcoming product, and the response was more than favourable. Here's his report:

"As a huge fan of the classic, Oscar-winning Aardman Wallace and Grommit shorts, the first feature film of the pair was the one that I personally was looking forward to the most. The eager gathered media saw the first 15 minutes of the film, and the initial results are nothing short of sensational. Featuring both the established voices of the short, Helena Bonham-Carter and others join this comic fray as Wallace and silently astute Grommit, have a successful business capturing rabbits, humanely. Full of the quirky, delightful humour that made Nick Park's shorts so memorable, the claymation animation has developed an even richer style than the company's Chicken Run.
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