Article from The Standard- 8/10/05

Rare eagle could be scared away by Disney fireworks

A nest belonging to a white-bellied sea eagle - a species so rare that only 10 to 20 breeding pairs are thought to inhabit Hong Kong - has been found virtually on the doorstep of the Disney theme park.

An Agricultural, Fisheries and Conservation Department spokesman said Tuesday the species had been discovered in Pa Tau Kwu in north Lantau.

He said the fireworks might have a ``minor impact'' on the habitats.

Yu Yat-tung of the Hong Kong Bird Watching Society said the government was reaching a premature conclusion by making the claim.

The possibility was mentioned in a 2000 environmental impact assessment report by the Environmental Protection Department, which stated the theme park's fireworks may result in ``a disturbance to the white-bellied sea eagles, leading to possible site abandonment or breeding failure as a worst-case result.''
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