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    Changes to Disney Ride Upset Some Purists - 89.3 KPCC Radio (Al Lutz interview)

    Al Lutz was part of a 4 minute news report for Public Radio in Southern California.

    Some fans of the "Happiest Place On Earth" aren't feeling so happy these days. Rumors are swirling that Disneyland is making some dramatic changes to the "It's A Small World" Ride. The iconic ride that celebrates the children of the world is closed for refurbishing. When it reopens this fall word is that you'll see Disney characters like Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan and Nemo in the ride. Disney purists and art aficionados told KPCC's Queena Kim the company isn't just messing with a ride, it's messing with art.
    You can listen to the story by clicking the link above.

    Some interesting background on Mary Blair, and also contains some comments by her son, and some comments from a Disney Spokesperson, though she refused to actually be on air.
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    Re: Changes to Disney Ride Upset Some Purists - 89.3 KPCC Radio (Al Lutz interview)

    Thanks for this.

    I can understand updating and refreshing attractions. That makes sense. Who doesn't want that? I just don't understand the thinking in erasing Mary Blair little by little after spending so much time on the promotion Disney did few years ago to make the public aware of her contributions. We've had this discussion before about changing classic attractions though and I find myself hoping that after the "brainstorming" is over these creative people will understand that this ride works as it stands. Add updated technology but let's leave it as an important hallmark in Disneyland Parks
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