Article from WESH 2 News Channel - August 11, 2005
Disney's Trash Is Man's Treasure
If it's true that one man's trash is another man's treasure, then Brian Ramsey has found a gold mine.

A self-described Disney fanatic, he became obsessed with things the company was just getting rid of, WESH 2 News reported.

He's collected props, costumes, banners from the parks, and even rides.

He said Disneyland in California recently refurbished their Space Mountain. They sent their cars to Disney World to be worked on, and some of the cars were beyond repair. So now, Ramsey is selling them, including one of the original cars from the ride.

A year ago, his obsession turned into a profession. With just one computer, he opened Mouse Surplus. Now, he has 12 full-time employees. He said he sells 150 items a day on eBay that generate about $100,000 a month.
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