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    Re: Disney's Virtual Magic Kingdom (VMK) Closing forever on May 21st.

    I am not sure why I keep falling for the same old stuff from Disney. Call it nostalgia or stupidity but I love Disney. I also loved VMK. Like so many other things they have started and got me hooked then stopped, they are doing with VMK and saying it is in the name of creativity. BALONEY. Disney got us hooked on the the virtual world for free and now want us to follow that hook to our wallets and give them more of our money. No way.

    I, like many of you, have traveled to the parks just to get the VMK pins for the codes, bought movies like Herbie for the codes and joined the movie rewards and bought still more movies to trade the points for things that now they tell me I can't take to another site with me. Now I feel like Disney is just saying, tough luck sucker!

    I loved going to the virtual park in between real time trips to any of the other parks around the world. Yes, I have been to them all. Now I see how much Disney appreciated that as well....not at all.

    I have 8 grandchildren and we all played, sometimes together and sometimes not. But it was something we did as a family whether all in the same house at the same time or not. I can assure you Disney that in the name of creativity and the chance to explore new avenues we will not be going down your road of happily ever after. You have proved that dreams do not come true and that loyalty means nothing to you.

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    Re: Disney's Virtual Magic Kingdom (VMK) Closing forever on May 21st.

    Even the investment site, The Motley Fool, thinks it's a disastrous idea.
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    Re: Disney's Virtual Magic Kingdom (VMK) Closing forever on May 21st.

    I tried. I tried. I tried. I started out with VMK from the beginning and was pleased with what they did. The further along I went, it got annoying with the theivery, coded messages and the "babies". I couldn't play without someone breaking the feeling of community and togetherness. I gave it all up a year ago.

    I haven't tried an of the other games because of the bad experiences with VMK. I would like to see them try something along the lines of Webkinz but instead of a plush, they could be small 3" high PVC figures.

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    Re: Disney's Virtual Magic Kingdom (VMK) Closing forever on May 21st.

    That article on Motley Fool was spot on.
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    Re: Disney's Virtual Magic Kingdom (VMK) Closing forever on May 21st.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kuzcochik View Post
    Was there any real reason besides "it was it's time"?
    Like did the number of players drop? Are they just trying to get more people to play the other games? Are they just focusing on the other games?

    I haven't been active for a while but this is kind of sad news
    No, the number of players just kept growing.
    Quote Originally Posted by Aura of Foreboding View Post
    I think they want to focus more on their paid games.
    I think they really didn't like the fact that a "promotional" game was doing much better than their pay-for-play offerings.
    Quote Originally Posted by disneytim View Post
    I think "it was its time" is a reasonable explanation, but not the entire story.

    VMK has had a good run, but it's also been in direct competition with other Disney MMG's Toontown Online and the recently acquired Club Penguin. Toontown and Club Penguin are under the control of Disney Online Studios, which restructured in February to focus on developing a new line of Disney virtual worlds. VMK, on the other hand, was conceived by Disney Parks and Resorts Online, its launch coinciding with Disneyland's 50th anniversary celebration. Disney didn't even develop the game. VMK was created by Sulake, a Finnish online entertainment company.

    By closing VMK, all of Disney's MMG's are now under the umbrella of the Online Studios which is about to start beta testing on the Tinker Bell/Fairies world Pixie Hollow and is still developing a Cars MMG for possible release later this year. Both of these games come on the heels of the Pirates Online launch which happened last fall.

    So, yes, Disney is focusing on their paid games, but they're also streamlining their operation to keep all of the MMG's under one division.
    If they are indeed streamlining their operation, why wouldn't they try to bring VMK under their own roof, I wonder. Sure seems like throwing the baby out with the bathwater.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lore View Post
    At least the time hasn't come yet when the suits announce, "Disneyland's time, as a promotion for our direct to video DVDs, is over. It lasted much longer than we expected, but it's time has come"
    Love this analogy!

    Granted, Disneyland does make them a ton of money and VMK does not. But Disneyland and VMK have this in common; they are both icons of the whole Disney experience. To trash something that has such powerful connotations for Disney customers is a pretty stupid thing to do.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jerren View Post
    Now yes I am on Pirates Online and all but the emphasis is not on social interactions, and yes my daughter plays Club Penguin and others out there but the thing that annoys me the most is that Disney really doesn't have anything parents and kids can play together anymore. Isn't that why the Magic Kingdom was originally conceived of in the first place?

    Finally, I think there's a lot of kids and families on VMK that cannot spare the extra cash for a pay to play MMO, with the price of the parks being what they are this is as close as many of those kids may ever get to the real thing...
    I've heard over and over again how much VMK has meant to families who don't live near/can't afford admittance to the parks. VMK seemed like an effort of good will on the part of Disney to "extend their borders", but it's removal now can't help but be seen as cold.

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    Re: Disney's Virtual Magic Kingdom (VMK) Closing forever on May 21st.

    This Stinks, that was the only thing that was free and was not mini game, nor sucked! Even if VMK was NOT making money, they could still afford to do so, And Magic Kingdom makes around $250,000,000 A DAY (and that's tickets alone, imagine money for food, sovineers,) Disneyland makes MORE. Keeping VMK will NOT HURT Disney. It STILL MADE MONEY INDIRECTLY. Through In Park Quests. Oh, I forgot, Magic Kingdom was part of this too. almost $750,000,000 (including food, Sovieneers, ETC.) And They say they can't afford it. How ridiculous.

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