I’m told just a couple of days after Katzenberg was first introduced to Murakami at an Oct. 27 panel discussion on animation at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), they were already meeting to talk about working together.

Murakami currently has his own 100-person Kaikai Kiki studio in Tokyo that, according to a recent Variety report, is “designed to compete with the likes of Disney.”

“Katzenberg really wants him,” a source reports. “I wouldn’t be surprised if a deal is already done.”

Murakami is probably one of the most fashionable artists today. His work with Marc Jacobs for über-chic Louis Vuitton includes handbags emblazoned with the fashion house’s logo in 33 different—and very bright—colors. He also inspired the cherry blossom logo that became an international hit for LV about four years ago. Some of his LV bags retail for as much as $5,000.
I don't know how Old this is, and I just heard that Murakami just started working on his own Animated cartoon.

Murakami takes images in Japanese culture and transforms them into 30foot sculptures. I'm still learning about his work and I would suggest the book supperflat or the book "Little Boy: The Arts of Japan's Exploding Subculture"