Article from Disney Insider - August 3, 2005
Keeping the World Wild
A trip to Disney's Animal Kingdom® Theme Park or The Living Seas at Epcot® offers a special kind of magic to Guests - a chance not just to enter the world of Disney, but also to see and interact with living creatures. Wise-eyed elephants, elegantly alarming sharks, and gorgeous birds remind Guests of the incredible and beautiful variety of life that surrounds us.

Kim Sams is working hard to ensure that Disney forges a connection between theme park Guests and the natural world that lasts beyond that visit to a Disney park. She's the Manager of Conservation Initiatives for Walt Disney World Resort®, and much of her time and devotion goes to the Disney Wildlife Conservation Fund (DWCF).

"The conservation fund was created in 1995, when Disney's Animal Kingdom was in the planning stage, and we began to think about the conservation messages that would be associated with Animal Kingdom," Kim explains. "We hoped that the animals at the Park would be ambassadors for wildlife, and we hoped that our Guests would experience things at Disney's Animal Kingdom that would move them to want to help wildlife. We felt that the DWCF would give them a way to do that."
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