Article from HK Goverment- 8/12/05

Disneyland's smooth opening assured

Detailed arrangements and contingency plans have been made to ensure all guests have an enjoyable time at Hong Kong Disneyland, Financial Secretary Henry Tang says.

With the theme park scheduled to start rehearsal days on Tuesday, he dropped by to inspect progress on the final preparations and ensure all support facilities and arrangements are in place.

Mr Tang said he was pleased the park, Government departments and private-sector operators have gone to great lengths to ensure a smooth and successful operation.

"There are bound to be new situations coming up that will require immediate responses when the theme park starts to receive guests," Mr Tang said.

"We will closely monitor the situation during the formal opening as well as during the rehearsal days and deal with challenges as they arise in the best ways we can. I think we have the understanding and full support of the Hong Kong people in our work."