Wanted by top studios: Future animators - USA Today, 08-10-2005

Article from USAToday.com, 08-10-2005

Wanted by top studios: Future animators

GLENDALE, Calif. The lights are dimmed, the shades are drawn, the computer screen is on and Dave Walvoord, Xiao Zhang and Han Lei are staring at a porcupine butt.

Specifically, this porcupine butt belongs to an animated character in DreamWorks Animation's upcoming movie Over the Hedge. And Walvoord, a computer graphics supervisor, is in his office working with two of DreamWorks' newest employees recruited straight out of college as part of a new DreamWorks educational initiative. Their job: to light the scene so the motion of the quills looks just right.
Studios such as DreamWorks Animation, Disney Animation and Pixar look to the top colleges and universities for the next generation of animators. Several companies have recruitment and other programs; Disney Animation, for instance, has a summer internship in the technology department.
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