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    High School Musical on Tour

    Hey! I've just purchased tickets to take my nephew to see High School Musical on Tour. Has anyone else seen it yet? Is it as awesome as he thinks it's going to be? We're so excited that I can't wait to hear what someone else thinks about the show.

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    Re: High School Musical on Tour

    I'm a really big fan of the HSM franchise, I saw the concert the ice tour and HSM the Tour... loved everything else but Unfortunately HSM the tour is pretty bad.. for some reason this tour isnt exactly HSM.. most of the songs add the entire ensemble to them so they don't sound the same.. they don't even do the same choreograhy for we're all in this together! even the Ice Tour did the same choreography for the songs and they were on skates! It's still a fun night out, maybe if you go in expecting a little less you'll like it more.

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    Re: High School Musical on Tour

    I saw the Ice Tour. I didnt see the stage show though. But if it's as good as the Ice Tour, it should be worth your money.
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