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Thread: 'Iron Man 2'

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    Re: 'Iron Man 2'

    I saw it yesterday and I really enjoyed it. It wasn't better than the first film, but it didn't try to be. They saw what worked in the first film and expanded upon that. They tried to make it AS good but necessarily a million times better.

    My opinions have basically been covered in this thread. One thing however...Sam Rockwell's character reminded me of a mixture of Ari Gold and Al Pacino's character from Ocean's 13. Kind of weird.
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    Re: 'Iron Man 2'

    I watched Iron Man 1 again this evening and it confirms everything I was saying when I got out of watching Iron man 2. It's just a superior film with action spread out throughout the movie. It was also more interesting.

    I feel that Iron Man 2 fullfills two objectives:

    -wrap up Iron Man 1 even more (with the whole government getting in on the action and rhodey finally getting into the Mark 2 suit, eventually War Machine)

    -set-up for Avengers

    Everything else was just filler. At least that's how I felt. I still enjoyed it, but didn't ring as true and fun as the first film.

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