Journalism - Live from Disney World!
May 9, 2008

The phenomenon of citizen journalism where individuals post news or updates via their mobile phone is constantly growing -- this time to Disney World via

Guests in Disney parks can send a very short email, (only the subject line as it ignores the body of the message) to the address provided and it will become a part of the site.

The microblogging works similar to Twitter service where individuals can share updates and pictures through their cellphones. If your phone allows you web access you can also subscribe to the updates.

Twisney is not associated with The Walt Disney Company, but instead was created by 34-year-old Disney fan and software developer, Scott Mitchell. This father of two created it as a way to share information to his wife and daughter during his upcoming boys only visit to Disney.

Although it was originally introduced to a circle of family and friends, the popularity caught on through Disney fan sites. The activity to the site is expected to grow quickly. With in-park guests reading Twisney they could potentially learn of unexpected ride openings or "soft openings" of new attractions or also of short or no wait times for attractions -- creating an increase in the number of guests in one location. It should interesting to see how as this site grows, its impact on daily operations at Walt Disney World.

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