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    Cartoon Classics DVDs

    I know these came up in another discussion briefly, but I'm curious about something. First of all, I love this set. It's good and cheap ($8-10) depending on where you pick them up), and they are fun collections to have. I picked up one or two on a whim one day and knew I'd be obsessive enough to get them all. I already own all 7 volumes that are currently available. anyway, on to the point of my post...

    I was just looking around Disney Direct for something else and discovered that volumes 8 & 9 will soon be released and that they are both holiday collections. First I was very excited as I LOVE holiday toons. Then as I read the descriptions i became a little annoyed. It sounds like many of the same toons I already have on other collections are just being repackaged again. The biggest example of this is that one of the new volumes has the toon where Pluto finds Chip n Dale in the Christmas tree AND Mickey's Christmas Carol! Great. these are classics. but these 2 toons seem to be on almost every single holiday collection Disney puts out. Am I wrong here? I mean, as much as I love it, how many times do they need to repackage Mickey's Christmas Carol?? I'll still probably pick it up just because it's cheap and I don't want that hole in my collection, but it bug s me to pay more money for toons I already bought on previous releases.

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    Re: Cartoon Classics DVDs

    To be honest...I would probably buy the one with Mickey's Christmas Carol as many times as I could because I LOVE that holiday cartoon. I already have it on The Christmas House of Mouse VHS tape that I bought years ago and I have it on the Disney Treasures DVD set "The Best of Mickey Mouse in color Volume 2". But incase something happens to the cartoon on those two (Which I hope will never happen), I will atleast have another back-up. Plus Disney just rehashes it for a cheap buck and yes that is annoying. To me it is annoying because you can buy Disney Treasures for $30 and feel ripped off by the fact that most cartoons in the treasures set can probably be found on other disney DVD's for an even cheaper price.

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