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    Real Indy IV Ugha Warriors Discovered!

    Maybe they are and maybe they aren't Ugha Warriors from Indiana Jones IV, but this is interesting nontheless. This article showed up on CNN:

    I thought it was interesting with the release of Indy IV now, corresponding to the same region where the movie takes place. Maybe they're guarding Akator?

    I wonder what would happen if someone in the airplane/helicopter flying over head tossed a Coca-Cola bottle down to them?

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    Re: Real Indy IV Ugha Warriors Discovered!

    I wouldn't make light about this sort of thing.

    Back in 1958, some Christian missionaries tossed down some photos of themselves to a hidden indigenous tribe, but the natives interpreted the photos differently. Because the people in the photos had no "back," they were considered demons, and when the missionaries arrived in their village in person, they were promptly run through with spears.

    Also, these people haven't been "discovered." If I don't know you exist, and I encounter you, does that mean I "discovered" you? Were you some THING for me to discover?

    "Othering" your fellow human beings is improper.

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