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    Battle of the Reality Network Stars

    OK....come on...step up to the podium and tell us...are you watching this show?

    My name is Burgirl and I'm watching Battle of the Reality Network Stars!

    Tell us who your favorite team is?

    I'm personally torn....I LOVE Chip & Kim from Amazing Race but I think Adam from Average Joe (yeah, I think geeks are cute and YES I know he's engagged) is such a cutie that I'm pulling for both the green and red team.

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    Re: Battle of the Reality Network Stars

    Yes, I'm watching it, but on Tivo, so I can fast-forward through Omarosa!!
    I'm rooting for the red team.
    I just love how everyone is just trying to stretch out those 15 minutes of fame! Shouldn't Richard Hatch's timer have run out, I don't know...3 years ago!!! (at least!)
    I reject your reality, and subsitute my own!

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    I've heard it was wicked boring.

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