Exclusive: The Creators of Chicken Little
- Edward Douglas, 08/22/2005

Article from Comingsoon.net - 08/22/2005
Exclusive: The Creators of Chicken Little

For over fifty years, Walt Disney Studios received international acclaim for its family-friendly animated films from Peter Pan andSnow White to the '90s resurgence of The Lion King and Aladdin. The studio would probably never have gained its reputation for quality family entertainment it has today if not for their early days of animation with Mickey, Donald and Goofy.

Going into the 21st Century, the future of the company as a vanguard in animation began to come under question as times have changed. Their hand-drawn animated films weren't bringing in as much business, and most of the company's biggest animated successes were coming from their partnership with the Pixar Animation Studios, who will be seceding from the company after their next movie.

This November, the skeptics who've express doubt about the future of Disney animation might be changing their tune once their animation division makes its first foray into a fully computer animated film based on a popular character of fables, Chicken Little
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