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    Going to FW in 2 weeks! Need advice

    Me and my dad are adventurous and want to explore this resort head to toe. I would like to rent a golf cart and explore, but the place is so huge I don't know where to begin. Does anybody know some good places to go that are quiet, a nice place to see what used to be River Country, and an amazing view of Wishes at night?
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    Re: Going to FW in 2 weeks! Need advice

    Okay... where to begin.

    If you want to see the fireworks you need to be at the beach, if you are in the campgrounds or cabins you will have little chance of seeing anything because of the trees... you might also find some places along the swamp trail where you can also see them, but if you do use the trail you might also be a banquet for mosquitoes.

    Also note that you can't use golf cart everywhere, like the swamp trail. Golf carts are pretty much going to be useful getting you from your cabin or tent to the store or main area, not much point beyond that.

    As for being quiet... most everyplace there is quiet. So you don't need to go search for quiet.... this is especially true of the cabins. Our last trip there I think we saw another person in our little group of cabins 3 times in a week and those times it was the staff.

    And just so you are aware... the golf carts are about $55/day. You have to have a valid drivers license to drive them and they are sticklers for that.

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