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    Disney's Old Key West Resort - Pictures

    My picture threads consist of images I have taken that focus on the architecture, landscape architecture, planning, design, and theming of the facilities highlighted. They may also contain short descriptions and commentary, but will not focus on construction progress or special events or memorabilia or food selections or my traveling companions. Hopefully these threads are a good introduction for those who have not seen these places yet. All killer, no filler!

    Disney's Old Key West Resort photographed in November 2008:
    This large resort features about 50 small hotel buildings grouped in clusters around several golf course fairways and small lakes, centered on a check-in and amenity building group called Hospitality House. Although the outcome of this design has little in common with the real old Key West at Florida's Southern tip, the style of the buildings does evoke the feeling of the small white-painted shuttered wooden homes of that island.

    Hospitality House:

    Resort's streetscape:

    Hospitality House (Main) Swimming Pool:

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