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    Best Resort Hotel

    If you could stay in any resort hotel for one night, which one would you stay at and why? We're trying to plan a vacation for next year and are going to be staying at one of the value hotels for the week but want to stay in a better hotel for one night. Which hotel has the best pool, room and amenities?

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    Re: Best Resort Hotel

    Beach club. right next to the world showcase entrance to epcot, right across from the fun boardwalk area, home to the resort's best pool, best desert place (beaches and cream), a top 5 restaurant (yachtsman's steakhouse) as well as one of the better buffets (cape may cafe), and walking distance to several other top places, walking distance or boat to both DHS and fantasia mini golf, the list goes on. its a no brainer to me.

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    Re: Best Resort Hotel

    Beach or Yatch clubs for the reasons Goofy Donald posted. They are sister resorts that are joined in the middle so both close to those things, granted the same price and only slightly different themes.
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    Re: Best Resort Hotel

    Inside the Contemporary. But it doesn't fit your 3 criteria lol

    Grand Floridian, though I don't know about the pool
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