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    Seralago Hotel & suites?

    Anyone ever been there?

    In excatly 14 days I will be taking off for a LONG bus ride down to WDW from my high school in Maryland to preform and we are staying in the Seralago Hotel.

    The pictures and descriptions make it sound beautiful, but you can't judge a book by the picture/cover.

    ^Thankye Con!! ^

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    Re: Seralago Hotel & suites?

    I have stayed there before, it was ok nothing spectacular. The online pictures do make it look much nicer than it really is. The rooms were clean at least although slightly outdated. I believe this hotel was a former Holiday Inn (which I stayed at also) several years back and when Seralago took over they have not done many upgrades to this old hotel. The location is not too bad close to WDW on 192 and near Old Town.

    Overall you should be okay staying there for the price but if I had a choice I personally won't stay there again. I'd spend the extra 10-15 bucks per night for the Pop Century, but whereas this is a school trip your budget might not allow for that.

    Enjoy your trip!!

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