My apologies, in advance, for the long post. My family and I recently dined at Le Cellier (3/17/11) for dinner. This was our first time here since the change over to Signature dining. Le Cellier is always our first dining reservation for our annual trips, and usually the most difficult for us to get. I hate to say that I am extremely disappointed with the end results. We normally don't opt for a dining plan, but it seems that it hurts now more than ever to not partake in a plan if Le Cellier is in your dinner plans. Our party of three shelled out close to a couple hundred on dinner without appetizers and dessert --- while the party next to us (and obviously on a plan) all had individual appetizers, entrees, and desserts. It seemed like the prices were 'jacked up' so that Disney could charge more credits for the Dining Plan. This really impacts the non-plan diners. Lesson learned on my part, I suppose. The staff also used to be a lot more 'customer focused' on little changes to menu items, etc. I asked our server for a modification on a menu item for our daughter and was politely told that they 'were not allowed to make changes' since the change to Signature --- the "chef" would be really upset. Honestly, I don't care if the chef is upset or not! Not to mention, they have squeezed every last inch of space for more tables which really dilutes the ambiance. Guess I'll be leaving this place off the 'rotation' next trip.