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    Mickey's Backyard BBQ

    I am booked for Mickey's Backyard BBQ. I allready talk to the chef about my vegan diet and all that is worked out. Now after I talked to the chef I noticed online that wine and beer is included in the all you can eat and drink price (many times at Disney this is an extra charge). So I wanted to ask about that. I don't drink beer, but wine I might do at times. So I called back and left a message about that. I also noticed online that this place seem to be seats as first come first serve. So I plan to get there early. About how long in advance to the let you in to sit down. I plan to get there before they let you in to sit down so I can be like the first or one of the first ones in.

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    Re: Mickey's Backyard BBQ

    The last time I ate here (2006ish) the wine and beer were included. My partner loves wine and really enjoyed it. When we got home, we found out its about 6 bucks a bottle. Cheap, but tasty. At the time the alcohol station was self serve and fairly unmonitored. I was surprised as it would have been for anyone (underage) to grab a drink.

    Regarding seating...
    I wouldn't stress about getting there extremely early, unless you have a really large party. The seating is seat yourself at really, really long picnic tables. The show is visible from most places and the characters visit all tables. There is also a large area right in front of the stage where most of the kids sat during the show. Once everyone is seated, the tables are dismissed individually to go to the buffet (much like a wedding) for the first trip. Additional trips don't need to wait. Once the characters come out pandaemonium sets in.

    Just curious, what vegan accommodations did they have?

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    Re: Mickey's Backyard BBQ

    Quote Originally Posted by flotsam_mike View Post
    Just curious, what vegan accommodations did they have?
    I'm curious as well! I recall they had Baked Beans I'm hoping that's not all they have to offer you! (envisioning a certain scene from Blazing Saddles right now....)
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