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    salad bar? large fruit display?

    Do any of the buffets have a salad bar where you create your own salad? and/or a large fruit display?

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    Re: salad bar? large fruit display?

    well, most of the buffets have some form of salad/create your own salad, but if you want a REAL salad with tons of fresh and amazing ingredients, where you can also save at least $20 a person, just go to sweet tomatoes at crossroads (just down the street from downtown disney). it is a local favorite. unlimited salad, soups, breads, baked potatoes, pastas, and desserts. really an amazing meal. and about $12 a person. way better than any salad you would get at an overpriced disney buffet.
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    Re: salad bar? large fruit display?

    i dont think they have
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    Re: salad bar? large fruit display?

    There's that new Fresh-A-Peel place at DTD that has salads & stuff.

    Didn't know there's a Sweet Tomatoes at the Crossroads. I've been to a couple of them here in the Tampa Bay area and they're not too bad.

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