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    Dinner Shows in Orlando


    I'll be visiting Orlando with my wife in February 09. It'll be her first time in the US and she's a big fan of dinner shows (she loved Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show in DLRP). I want to take her to one in Orlando, but I'm spoiled for choice! Does anyone have any recommendations in terms of food/show quality ratio? She likes big, well polished shows and is a real carnivore. Oh, and we'll be staying on International Drive, if that's any help. Any advice would be gratefully received!
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    Re: Dinner Shows in Orlando

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    and is a real carnivore.

    Man oh man would I catch a beat down if I called my wife that. Anyways, I'm wondering about this too. We wanted to catch a show when we went in September but we didn't know which ones were good and the two we wanted to see were going to be about $200 to see anyways.

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    Re: Dinner Shows in Orlando

    Well first off lets be clear on the definition of a dinner show in Orlando, if your wife is expecting a "dinner theater" experience (e.g. Dinner and a Play/Musical) she may be disappointed. IF what you ar looking for is dinner with entertainment there's a lot to choose from.

    Inside of WDW you have the Hoop de do review, if she likes fried chicken it's a good bet. It's kinda vudvillian comedy set in the old west where entertainers went from fort to fort to entertain the locals. People either love it or hate it, not much in between.

    The Spirit of aloha dinner show at the Poleneasian is nice but overpriced IMHO, it's also a bit too staged now, it used to just be out on the beach with a firepit back in the 70's which was a lot more fun.

    There is annother Lua show in orlando (forget the name) which is better and more reasonably priced. The Pirate dinner show in Orlando I hear is also a lot of fun but unfortunatley I have just heard second hand on this one.

    Now in gerneral there's also "shows" in many of the restarants at WDW, the Biergarten in Epcot for example has it's umpla band, Ohana's has it's interaction with the kids, The Garden grill rotates though the land, 50's prime time and Sci Fi at DHS, Any of the charater meals can erupt into chaos at any time, and well Whispering Canyons is always a show in itself, just ask for Ketchup or a glass of water.
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