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Thread: Poly Luau?

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    Poly Luau?

    Hi all! It's that time again. Stitchy is planning another WDW trip. You know what this means for all of you.....more questions! (yay!)

    Here's the first. I have asked my wonderful, helpful travel agent; Jerren...and he was more than helpful with his opinion and even some suggestions. But, just for good measure...I thought I would ask some of you.

    We will have two free days outside of the park on this trip...and I gave one to my husband and told him to choose what we do for the day. After thinking it over...he wants to do a Luau. Of course, the Poly's was the first that came to mind. Jerren said he thought there might be better one's off property......for cheaper too. Hubby says he doesn't long as it's a luau.

    So, what do you think? Has anyone been to the Poly's Luau? What did you think? Anyone been to one off property?


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    Re: Poly Luau?

    We have done the one at the Poly and the one at Sea World they were both great! Even though it as been quite a few years (2001 Poly 2005 Sea World) since either one from what I remember I'd recommend the one at Poly. I can't remember specifics about the show or food at either but nothing negative comes to mind, actually seem to recall like food at Poly little more. But the overall atmosphere of the Poly really adds to the experience; being in an open air pavillion instead of an enclosed air conditioned building, and the lush landscaping all enhance the magic (hope that didn't sound too corny )

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    Re: Poly Luau?

    There is also a Luau at Universal's Royal Pacific Resort it runs Tuesday & Saturday Nights Year Round PLUS Fridays from May 11 - Aug 31. Never been to it, so can't tell you how good it is.

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