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    Question An Avid Disneyland Passholder visiting DisneyWorld for the 1st time... Help:/

    Hey guys, i've been a Disneyland Passholder since 06 and have visited Disneyland nearly twice a month since. Tomorrow im leaving for Disney World for the 1st time and dont know any tricks or tips on what to do or anything. Ive talked to people who've been to DisneyWorld and they said Blizzard Beach is a must see and plan out your day according to magic mornings and to fastpass everything you can and everyday it rains at 3 o clock :P. Any tips for a first timer visiting Disney World?? thanks

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    Re: An Avid Disneyland Passholder visiting DisneyWorld for the 1st time... Help:/

    Wow... good luck to you. WDW needs a bit of planning for first timers. What you said is all true lol (well you can skip blizzard beach unless you really want to go to a waterpark). Also drink a lot of water because it is VERY hot humid. Have fun!
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    Re: An Avid Disneyland Passholder visiting DisneyWorld for the 1st time... Help:/

    I too am an avid Disneyland Passholder. Though I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, I visit DL at least 2 or 3 times a year. Going next in mid-August. Can't wait.

    I just returned in early June from 10 days at WDW. Last year I was able to go as well, but only for 4 days (not nearly enough). Before that, I hadn't been since I was 5 or 6 (I'm 23 now) so it was basically like a first time for me. Last year I stayed at Port Orleans French Quarter and this year I stayed at the Wilderness Lodge. Though one was a moderate and the other a deluxe, they were both fabulous.

    The 10 day trip I just got back from was pretty much the perfect amount of time. Of course I could have stayed longer, but I felt that I got to do pretty much all I wanted to do and got my fill for the time being.

    How long are you staying? Where are you staying? The longer the better as it is SO BIG. Don't go expecting to compare everything to Disneyland. It is a completely different ballgame. Disneyland will always hold a special place in my heart and it has its own charm and magic that cannot be replicated, but WDW is amazing in its own right. It is immersive in a way that Disneyland simply cannot be.

    My best advice would be to take your time to soak everything in. Park hopping takes a lot longer than at Disneyland. I would suggest going to a park in the morning, take a pool break in the afternoon, and then go to either the same park or a different park in the evening (this can change depending on if you want to see Fantasmic, Illuminations, etc.) Don't forget about Downtown Disney and, as you mentioned, the water parks. I haven't been to Blizzard Beach yet, but I went to Typhoon Lagoon and it was great. I'd also suggest taking the walk from Hollywood Studios to the Boardwalk for dinner some time, it was very pretty and relaxing. Also, take advantage of the different forms of transportation such as boat and monorail and also explore the other resorts, all of these things are like attractions themselves.

    Let me know if you have any other questions. I'd be glad to help as I was once in the same situation as you are. But most importantly, just have fun!

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