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    What will the crowds be like June 18-24?

    My first ever WDW trip is in no less than 23 days!!! I wrote earlier on what it is like and the must do's to which I got an amazing response (thank you btw) but now I am extra curious about the crowds. I tried which shows the 24th being only a 4/10 but to see the rest I need to buy a membership (no thank you!) so I am asking the locals or the knowledged on the subject.

    I know it will be somewhat busier due to school getting out, but will it be super bad like mid-july crowds? Any input will be helpful!!

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    Re: What will the crowds be like June 18-24?

    Not sure, but I've got to imagine they'll be picking up by then. Always heard it's really bad around the 4th, so if you stay longer than a week, you'll be hitting that. Pretty much everyone will be out of school by then. If you do hit a "4," then that is an awesome win.

    Be sure and post your impressions of the crowd [and heat!].

    And have an amazing first trip!! Hope you are able to stay a while and hit everything!


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