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    Is Chirch Street Station still worth going to?

    Hello all,

    When I was stationed in Orlando (1987) in the Navy, Church Street Station was the place to hang out. Grab a year pass and you always had some place to go.

    When Amy and I head out to DWD we may take a night off to head out on the town.


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    Re: Is Chirch Street Station still worth going to?

    Church Street USED to be the place to be. Then Pleasure Island opened int he late 80's and all but put them out of business. But now PI is dead and Church Street has been slowly coming back. There used to be some really cool clubs down on Orange, but most of them either now suck or have closed. I miss Barbarella's. They played the BEST 80s music there.

    Here's Church Street's current website. Check it out and you can decide for yourself if it's worth checking out:

    Downtown Orlando. Bars, Clubs, Nightclubs, Nightlife. Church Street Entertainment.
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