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    Re: WDW First-timer looking for the same old advice…

    I have never been to Disneyland. I am not a big fan of AK. Five to six hours tops. Two days in Epcot. One day at DHS. One and a half days at MK. One half day at DD. Eat breakfast before a Waterpark. At the end of the day you can go to a resort for a meal. Port Orleans river side has Boatwrights. Port Orleans French Quarter does not have a table service,it has quick dining. if you don't like shopping at DD; you can go to Universal Studios. I for one love the stage shows in the parks, especially the Nemo show. Have a wonderful trip.

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    Re: WDW First-timer looking for the same old advice…

    If you get the water parks and more option, you can do Disney Quest for free. Also, while most of the restaurants at Downtown Disney do NOT take the dining plan, Planet Hollywood does (or at least did last year when I went)

    I wouldn't eat at Disney Quest or at the Water Parks. Disney quest has a coffee shop where you can use snack credits, and a small quick service place that has nothing special (chicken fingers, hamburgers, etc). DisneyQuest is basically a Chuck E Cheese on steriods...oh, and most (if not all) of the games are free. It's a great half day thing to do. I normally do it on my night with Cirque de Soleis / Downtown Disney shopping. We eat breakfast at the hotel, go to Downtown, do DisneyQuest in the morning until about 2 or 3pm, get a turkey leg for lunch (available near the big disney shop), shop in the afternoon (not a last day thing, so they can ship it all to my hotel for me). Eat dinner at Planet Hollywood (it takes the dining plan), and then go see Cirque at the late show.

    For the water parks, get Park Hopper, and you can go to a park in the morning, eat an early lunch (or late breakfast) at the park, then skip over to a water park for the mid afternoon, and get out of there after a few hours...then go to another park for dinner / evening fun.

    I highly recommend the dining plan if you plan to do anything outside of quick service. I do the deluxe plan, and enjoy not having to manage any money when on the parks (outside of buying souvenirs) 3 meals pretty much anywhere and 2 snacks is more then enough, and I generally end up with meal and snack credits left over at the end of the trip. I use the snack credits to buy fudge at the main street fudge shop as gifts for friends / co-workers upon my return home.

    The only thing I would add for fast MUST get them for the following rides, unless you want to ride them first thing after the park opens. Both are regularly 1+ hour wait without fast pass.

    1) Toy Story (Hollywood Studios)
    2) Sourin' (EPCOT)...though, it's the same as the California version, so you might just want to skip it.

    Enjoy your trip!

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