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    Visiting in Jan/ Feb?

    Hi Guys,

    Because of combined problems with holidays at work this year, my partner and I can't get away for a holiday until Mid Jan-Early Feb.

    Is this a good time to visit or is the weather misserable?

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    Re: Visiting in Jan/ Feb?

    First off, let me be the first to my adopted homestate of Florida. I live here in Central Florida, and, if I may, let you know you're coming at the perfect time.

    Florida is defined by its humidity so rain is always a possiblity, but you should be okay. Humidity also tends to run high, so if you're sentsitive to that, be aware. In fact, that's when we try to encourage people in my own family to visit. I just think its a great time of year in Orlando.

    Drawbacks do include that many repairs happen, since there are less tourists for awhile. They will also probably close the park a smidgen earlier. But with less people in the parks? You'll see everything anyway. And besides, if the rare occasion of rain does spark up, a majority of everything is inside. You'll have a grand ole time.

    So welcome! We have meets on Sunday at various parks, if you're interested! We've not planned that far out in the future yet, however.

    Let me know what more we can do for ya! Take pictures and post a trip report!

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